Back at Work

26 February 2010
I'm working again, finishing up my second week.  It's becoming more fabulous by the day.  I hated the first few days but am now feeling lawerly and independent.  I'm even getting used to the Metro.  I found a great school for baby to attend and care for the other two before and after school and I'm feeling like our life is getting back on track.  It's all an enormous juggle, my husband is working long hours at his job right now and I'm putting in a lot of hours too between my commute and working ten hour days.  It's snowing just a bit outside, hopefully it doesn't decide to bury us! 

I'm still following the trainwreck that is the Obama/Biden administration, it's hard not to when you work a block from the White House.  Two years, 9 months until we can elect someone else.