10 November 2010
This year I had to tell my 13 year old that she's just too old to trick-or-treat.  This was followed by several instances of doorbell rings with trick-or-treaters older than her, sigh.  I even had a middle aged man come trick or treating with a grocery bag, he wasn't even dressed up!  Maybe things are different out here, but I thought it was for children, not teens and grown ups.  I gave them all candy, even the old guy.  My daughter did take the younger ones out with dad and they all seemed to have a good time.  She got a good amount of candy from my one year old who only got to try one piece. 

Speaking of my 13 year old, I only have an inch and a half on her now, but somehow I weigh a LOT more.  It doesn't seem fair.  I tried canning yesterday.  I made four jars of homemade apple butter.  My fingers and my stomach are now burned but the jars look so cute in the pantry.  I'm finding myself looking around the kitchen for more things to can. 

Another month has gone by...

26 May 2010
I'm getting extraordinarily bad at updating this blog.  I've been sick, really sick, and working while I'm sick, which makes me more sick.  I'm loving the rain and cool temperatures, I hope it never gets hot again.  My children are alternating between being monsters and angels, as usual, with bouts of sickness in between. 

I'm tired which means I look horrible.  I have been sacrificing makeup and hair time for sleep and it shows.  I also skipped ironing twice this week.  It's not a good look, trust me.  Work is good.  The commute is great, the hours are great, the bosses are nice and we get free stuff.  It's nice. 

I tried to do cuttings in the garden recently, that turned out horribly.  I was reading the other day that Obama was eating quail eggs and caviar.  What do quail eggs taste like?  Where would a person buy them?  I may need to try this delicacy. 

Enjoy your long weekend everyone, I know I will!

After Three Weeks Off I Return

29 April 2010
Tomorrow I'm going back to work.  It's about time.  I've gotten quite lazy, trust me.  My house is messy, my kids are late for everything.  I'm much better at this mom thing when my plate is stacked with work and schedules.  I know it sounds weird, but not everyone is domestic. 

I can't wait to have a reason to do my hair and makeup again, and money to get my color refreshed!  Today, I plant kiwi's, tomorrow it's back to the grind.  My backyard is now almost completely composed of edible landscaping.  We have 5 apple trees, two nectarine trees, a pomegranate tree, a cherry tree, and we have ordered a pear and a peach tree.   We also have raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, hot peppers of different varieties, zuchini, watermelon, and, of course, tomatoes.  Sadly, the artichokes did not last through the really harsh winter we had last year.  I'm excited about the kiwi's going in today.

Reality is setting in, with our cash only policy that we instituted about 6 months ago there is no safety net.  We have NO credit cards.  That means that if I want something I have to work harder or longer rather than just charging it and worrying about it later.  We are trying to plan a trip to California this summer.  We've vacationed twice so far with only cash/debit, but never on an airline without credit.  It's a scary world out there, but we may just pull it off.

I really should go do the dishes, I don't know what it is about staying home that puts me into sloth mode.

Like Sacrificial Lambs to the Altar...

20 March 2010
Tomorrow House Democrats are expected to file into the Capitol building and sacrifice their careers for the "Great Leader."  I hope they come to their senses.  I can take some comfort in the fact that they are ensuring a shift in power if they decide to go against the will of the people.  I barely recognize this country any more...

Back at Work

26 February 2010
I'm working again, finishing up my second week.  It's becoming more fabulous by the day.  I hated the first few days but am now feeling lawerly and independent.  I'm even getting used to the Metro.  I found a great school for baby to attend and care for the other two before and after school and I'm feeling like our life is getting back on track.  It's all an enormous juggle, my husband is working long hours at his job right now and I'm putting in a lot of hours too between my commute and working ten hour days.  It's snowing just a bit outside, hopefully it doesn't decide to bury us! 

I'm still following the trainwreck that is the Obama/Biden administration, it's hard not to when you work a block from the White House.  Two years, 9 months until we can elect someone else.