Another month has gone by...

26 May 2010
I'm getting extraordinarily bad at updating this blog.  I've been sick, really sick, and working while I'm sick, which makes me more sick.  I'm loving the rain and cool temperatures, I hope it never gets hot again.  My children are alternating between being monsters and angels, as usual, with bouts of sickness in between. 

I'm tired which means I look horrible.  I have been sacrificing makeup and hair time for sleep and it shows.  I also skipped ironing twice this week.  It's not a good look, trust me.  Work is good.  The commute is great, the hours are great, the bosses are nice and we get free stuff.  It's nice. 

I tried to do cuttings in the garden recently, that turned out horribly.  I was reading the other day that Obama was eating quail eggs and caviar.  What do quail eggs taste like?  Where would a person buy them?  I may need to try this delicacy. 

Enjoy your long weekend everyone, I know I will!