The Girl in the Mirror

31 August 2009
When I look in the mirror I am pleased with what I see. When I see a photograph of myself I am horrified. It's not because I'm not photogenic or anything like that. It's because I have gotten quite fat. For whatever reason I see an altered view of me in the mirror. I see me way back when, young and thin... Now, three kids later I more resemble Jane than Deb in "Drop Dead Diva," at least in photos. It's like I have an image cached in my head or have some strange twist on body dysmorphic disorder. Ugh. I'm a realist, why didn't I get the message on that?

There Goes the Neighborhood

30 August 2009
"There goes the Neighborhood" is on my tv because it comes directly after "Big Brother" and I have to kill an hour before "Army Wives." This show is the stupidest show I have ever seen. Besides being stupid, it is also boring and the people on it are quite ugly. I have a baby sleeping on me who will wake up if I get up, so here I stay, wishing something worth watching was on Sunday at 9 pm. Damn Lifetime for always putting a movie on before "Army Wives" because it is always half done by the time "Big Brother" is over. I have well over a thousand channels, you would think I could find something to watch, but no. I can't wait for the fall premires, then Sunday at 9 is "Desperate Housewives."

Night People v. Morning People

I hate how preachy morning people can be. "Just change your schedule and go to bed earlier, you will be more productive." Whatever. So, you think you're better than me because you go to sleep earlier? That's weird. What if I tried to make you sleep in? I go to sleep late, my body is wired that way. Deal with it. I do.

Big Brother Spoiler - POV

29 August 2009
Late last night Michele won the Power of Veto. This is beautiful. This means Michele will be coming off the block and Miss Jordan will be going up. Fabulous! See you at the Jury house Jeff, hope you don't stab anyone in the neck! Jordy, don't get too comfy, you're next.


So, today I read that a crack pipe was found in DJ AM's apartment along with prescription drugs and the body. I actually thought that he had defeated his demons. After a near death experience last year I guess I was hoping he was somewhat grateful to be alive. He was filming a reality show at the time of his death, featuring interventions. The police have stated that there is no evidence of foul play. I suspect this was just another life wasted. He was 36.
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The Jaycee Dugard Case Isn't as Happy As I Had Hoped

28 August 2009
Phillip and Nancy Garrido abducted Jaycee Dugard when she was 11 years old. After the abduction Jaycee had a terrible existence for 18 years straight. She had two kids with this monster, forced home births, she never got an education, nor did they. She didn't have decent living accommodations, she was locked in a shed with a makeshift bathroom and shower, it has been compared to camping. Camping for 18 years. Could you imagine being locked in from the outside all the time? I would go insane. By my calculations she had her first child at 14, she must have been terrified.

Her abductors deserve to be executed. They probably will never be though, even if they get the death penalty, which California does have, they never execute anyone there. People just die off on death row. Too bad she wasn't from Texas, they'd be dead in six years time. Texas is quick like that.

When I heard that she had come forward I had hoped that she had been stolen by some desperate childless couple who raised her as their own, despite the crime in obtaining her. Instead she was kept as a toy for a pedofile sex offender. Disgusting.

Thunder and Lightning

I love the volatility of the weather out here. I love the summer thunderstorms. I love the lightning lighting up the windows at night, and I love not having to water. It's fabulous.

Big Brother Spoiler - HOH

27 August 2009

UPDATE: Kevin has won HOH! He's a rockstar and my new favorite.

HOH Competition: Kevin is in the lead for HOH with Michele a distant second. Natalie and Jordan have all but given up.

Big Brother - Dumbass Jeff

Another golden edit from the self entitled Jeff. He's a prick. No, for real, he is. I love that he was a total jerk in his goodbye message, maybe people will start to see him for who he is. I miss Russell already and I knew that Lydia was going straight to Jessie's arms in the jury house. The HOH contest is still going on. Come back here for an update, I'll post the results as soon as they come in!

Remember Jaycee Dugard?

Jaycee was a little girl who was abducted in 1991 near where I grew up. She was 11 years old at the time. Yesterday, she walked into a police station about 4 hours from where she was abducted and identified herself. The police and family are quite sure it is her. Miracles do happen!!! She's been gone for 18 years. Amazing.

They found Jasmine Fiore's Car!

26 August 2009

Jasmine Fiore is the 28 year old swimsuit model who was recently brutally murdered, allegedly by her reality star husband, who has since apparently committed suicide. I know, a lot of allegedly/apparently, that's the world we live in... Jasmine's white mercedes has been missing since the crime was committed and police have been looking hard for it, thinking it may hold valuable clues.

The vehicle was found in the parking lot of a West Hollywood grocery store. The police were brought there by a tip from a citizen who noticed it there. The police have been telling everyone to keep an eye out for this car and it seems to have paid off.

Jasmine was married to Ryan Jenkins (shown above) at the time of her death, who recently was on "Megan Wants a Millionaire". She was found in a dumpster with her teeth and fingernails removed. She was identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants.

Nancy Pelosi is an Opportunist Shrew

Today, Ted Kennedy died. Nancy Pelosi released a statement that reads, in part "Ted Kennedy's dream of quality health care for all will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration." Wow, not even for one minute could she act like a human being and simply commemerate the man. She absolutely had to jump on the opportunity to play on people's sympathies and push a political point. She could have at least waited until the body was cold. Disgusting woman.

Ted Kennedy has Died

All politics aside, my condolences to the entire Kennedy clan.

My Big Brother Dream

25 August 2009
Now that Jeff has betrayed his final 4 alliance there is no need for Michele to be loyal to him or Jordan. It's very clear that Jeff is playing for Jeff and Jordan and Jordan is playing for Jordan. Neither one of them has any loyalty outside of this. This means that Kevin and Michele really need to get together and keep Russell. Russell has the physical and mental ability to beat Jeff in a competition and Natalie has already pledged her loyalty to Jeff and Jordan with the knowledge that she is replacing Michele in that position. This leaves Michele and Kevin in a precarious position, outnumbered and underpowered.

However, if they keep Russell they are no longer outnumbered and with Jeff ineligible for HOH and Jordan incapable of winning nearly anything they are virtually guaranteed that one of the two will go home next week. As an added bonus, they get rid of stinky Natalie, seriously, please shower!, who hasn't really won anything except the first HOH competition (which Jessie got to take advantage of) but I believe is completely capable of winning.

Also, Jeff's vile habit of threatening violence against others seems to be rubbing off on Jordan. It's just as unattractive on her. Who would have guessed that two beautiful people could be so ugly on the inside?

Michael Jackson's Death Ruled a Homicide

24 August 2009

Today the AP put out confirmation that Michael Jackson's death was a homicide.

Homicide is a scary word. The homicide detectives on tv are always investigating brutal murders, so homicide is just another word for murder, right? Not so much. The definition of homicide is death by the hands of another. There is nothing in there about intent. Going back to philosophy class, all murders are homicides, all homicides are not murders.

Michael Jackson died due to the doctors administration of the drugs in his system. Since the doctor administered the drugs it is a homicide, if Michael had somehow administered the drugs himself (ignore the logistics for just a moment) it would probably be ruled accidental. Not all homicides are even crimes. People accidentally kill people, people kill people for good reason (i.e. a cop killing a subject who is shooting at him) the ruling of homicide is really just a jumping off point. All this means is that it is now definite that the propofol (diprivan) that the doctor administered did in fact kill Michael.

Jeff is Not Nice - Major Big Brother Spoiler - Veto Meeting

Aftermath from the Veto meeting. Jeff decided to go through with his (read Jordan's) plan to use the veto, veto his own nominee and backdoor Russ. Now they are literally in the backyard threatening to kill one another. What happened to the final 4 deal? Why would they trust someone from another alliance instead of their own, especially when she's a sneaky snake who doesn't shower (Yes, I'm talking about you, Natalie). Jeff told Russ that he is going to stab him in the neck. Who says that?

I think the people in the house need to look closely at what is happening, save Russ and go after Jeff and his master, Jordan.

Big Brother - Spoilers as always

23 August 2009
Jeff has HOH, Jeff has veto, Jeff has a final four deal with Jordan, Michele, and Russell...and Natalie? Since Jeff has the power this week and Jordan had it last week the two of them have been occupying the HOH room for quite a while now. Power does not look good on Jordan, she has become the queen of the house, hiding away and ignoring other people in the house, talking crap about everyone. She also has become quite pushy and nasty, this might be related to her period though, which she talks about 24/7.

Jeff and Jordon are getting on my last nerve lately and I hope against hope that they lose power next week. Sadly, due to Michele's almost pathological lying Russell may be gone by them. Do dumb and dumber not see all the support that Natalie and Kevin have in the Jury house? If they break their alliance to Russ I'm sure he's not voting for them either. America's vote (thanks, Chima!) may go their way due to the golden edit they seem to recieve. That golden edit has got to stop soon as Jordan hasn't smiled or said a nice word in over a week, you can't edit something that's not there.

Ted Kennedy

22 August 2009
This is going to be rather touchy, criticizing a man who has a terminal disease and lost his sister last week, in addition to being a member of American Royalty, but it must be done. Ted Kennedy apparently thinks the world revolves around him, and in some ways it always has. He was born to privilege, got away with murder (allegedly), and had a path to politics cleared for him. All of this is ancient history though, what I'm talking about is the here and now.

Kennedy made news recently by asking for a temporary gubernatorial appointment to fill his seat pending a special election if and when it becomes vacant as opposed to a five month seat vacancy for waiting for the special election. This sounds reasonable, except that he's the one that pushed for the law which doesn't allow this type of appointment, just five years ago! Why has his mind changed so radically? It's clearly a sense of self-entitlement, the laws should always work for him and never against him. If they do work against him then he'll push to have them changed. In this case, he really wants a democratic senator appointed if he should have to vacate his seat so that Obama will have the maximum number of votes available for the Obamacare bill as well as other liberal agenda items.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "What Mr. Kennedy doesn't volunteer is that he orchestrated the 2004 succession law revision that now requires a special election, and for similarly partisan reasons. John Kerry, the other Senator from the state, was running for President in 2004, and Mr. Kennedy wanted the law changed so the Republican Governor at the time, Mitt Romney, could not name Mr. Kerry's replacement." See here, for the original article. In Mr. Kennedy's World, the laws should always benefit the left. Annoying.

Goodbye Lydia

21 August 2009
Lydia is gone from the Big Brother house. What a colossally stupid move on the part of Jeff and Jordan. Lydia never wins anything, she's just mean. Mean makes good tv but rarely produces a winner by itself. Even Evel Dick had to compete! Natalie may actually be capable of winning the game and at this point she may actually deserve to win it. Also, Jordan is dumb. There's no nice way to put it, she is really, really dumb.

I am wondering what will really happen in the privacy of the jury house. I'll bet all is forgiven in two seconds flat and Lydia and Jessie are together again in no time. Maybe they deserve each other. I am now hoping Russ wins. Julie Chen is getting really big, anyone know when she's due?

One last thing of note, completely unrelated to Big Brother. I saw the pics on TMZ this morning of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes out on the golf course. I've watched all the coverage, the kiss, the stalking allegation. The breakup of two marriages, one with two children involved, but the question remains... How did she get him??? I've was a huge fan of Eddie Cibrian during his Sunset Beach and Third Watch days, and he's the hottest guy I've ever laid eyes on. She's rather rat faced and plain. His WIFE, Brandi Glanville, seems like a much better fit, lookswise.


20 August 2009
I feel for the Octomom. I really do. Regardless of the choices she made in the past she has a lot of kids now, a lot. I caught the very end of her special last night, maybe 15 minutes of it. What I saw was a tired, overwhelmed, frustrated woman. She has so much more on her plate than she can possibly handle. Also, people seem to always want to make her admit that she made a mistake. She has. That's more than I would do. I would never call my kids a mistake, ever. But I get it, everyone seems to want to see remorse, she finally gives it to them.

What I saw last night was tragic, but not hopeless. She did have help, some sort of support, even though her mother is not included in that. At this point my thoughts are, what's done is done, perhaps forgiveness is in order. She honestly appears to be doing the best she can. So maybe the media can finally stop trying to rub her nose in her mistakes and let her concentrate on the extraordinary challenge ahead. And I get that she opened this door by doing the special but really she's just trying to provide for those kids in a way that lets her be home with them. I get that, I actually admire that. I think they're going to make it.

Who knew Jon Gosselin had a personality?

19 August 2009
Although I will be the first person to say that Jon Gosselin is going seriously insane, I kinda like that he's finally emerging. I stopped watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 some time ago because I just couldn't listen to Kate's bitchiness. I guess I just saw Jon as a non-person, more like a piece of furniture, a kicking post or something. I get why he is emerging so strongly. Kate emasculated him for years, to the point where viewers were cringing at her treatment of him and automatically siding with him at the news of the breakup.

He quickly remedied that and now most people seem to be taking the side of the shrew. Ed Hardy, Michael Lohan, super young girlfriend? I get that he wants to live his life the way he wants now that he's out from under Kate's thumb, but he seems to be trying to relive a missed youth and he's kinda old for that. I can say that because he's my age. I'm definitely too old for the crap he's pulling, and I don't even have the awesome responsibility of 8 children.

I guess my point is that this mid-life crisis, or whatever it is, isn't super attractive and may cost him. It's nice to see him coming out of his shell, so to speak, but perhaps he should do it with some dignity.


18 August 2009
Misty Croslin-Cummings is in the news again. Police are now specifically stating that she is not cleared in the Haleigh disappearance and that they don't think it was a stranger abduction. Mom and dad have been cleared. The police seem to think she's withholding information. But why? I've been following this story since day one and her various versions of events never seemed to add up. She's covering something up.

The girl is shady, the whole situation is shady. I just hope that someone gets a conscience and lets this little girl go home, alive or otherwise. Her parents are suffering, her grandparents are suffering. They need some kind of peace. I read a blurb today that George and Cindy Anthony are stepping back into this case, to help. I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet.

Police: Baby Sitter Key in Missing Florida Girl Case - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

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Wow...just, wow

17 August 2009
I thought the rep. in front of his name stood for representative. Instead, he is treating the people of his district as children, and him as a well meaning guardian. I'm pretty sure that's not his role. Also, he doesn't have much in the way of manners. Yuck.

Video - Rep. Massa: I will vote against the interests of my district - Water Cooler - Washington Times

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Happy Birthday

Haleigh Cummings turns six today, or she would have. She is still missing, fate unknown. Please keep her in your thoughts and keep yours eyes open. She may be alive. In any case, she needs to be brought home.


It looks like the vocal opposition of Obamacare is making a dent in the President's carefully laid plans. The biggest problem with Obama is that he thinks the Presidency is rather like a dictatorship in that he can simply list off his personal agenda and push though laws to further that end. He would like to make us into a socialist country, and fast! Unfortunately for him, the American System includes checks and balances. This system includes Congress, who are elected officials by the people, to represent the people. When they stop doing that people get upset, thus the increased attendance at the town halls. It does seem rather important that the people that are being represented be able to tell their representative their opinion on the matter. Otherwise, it's just a Congressperson representing themselves and not their consitutants. This is not a great way to go about being reelected.

Ask and You Shall Receive - Huge Big Brother Spoiler

15 August 2009
Chima is GONE!!!! Due to a late night meltdown of epic proportions Chima is no longer in the Big Brother house. I can't wait to see the show tomorrow, wonder how they are going to edit this! I'm so mad I fell asleep like ten minutes into Big Brother After Dark. Tonight I'm going to have to do better than that.

Big Brother

14 August 2009
This blog wasn't really meant to be all politics all the time. So, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite shows. Big Brother. I was thrilled last night when Jessie was sent on his way. I hope stupid old Chima is next. The queen bee must go. There is nothing worse than hearing the evil witch laugh. I kinda want Lydia to win, just kinda. She's rather mushy and pliable, which are not great qualities. I think the CDT power couldn't have gone to a better person. Off to watch Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. No feeds for me, I'm too much of a Big Brother Addict to do that again!

Reading the Bill

12 August 2009
H.R. 3200 Yesterday I began reading the Healthcare bill in it's entirety, which puts me one step ahead of congress. In my first scan I was overwhelmed by the amount of government intervention into the healthcare system, this thing is massive. One thing caught my eye though, premium pricing. The premiums for socialized medicine are of course covered by cost sharing, you make more, you pay more. Under section 243(b)(2) "PREMIUM PERCENTAGE LIMITS BASED ON TABLE- The Commissioner shall establish premium percentage limits so that for individuals whose family income is within an income tier specified in the table in subsection (d) such percentage limits shall increase, on a sliding scale in a linear manner, from the initial premium percentage to the final premium percentage specified in such table for such income tier."

If you make less you pay less. So, then, what is the incentive to make more? There is none. If everything is shared, people get lazy. Some people stop working all together and the high earners don't see the point of 60 hour weeks when they are not reaping the benefits and others are getting the exact same thing with little or no work. One of the problems with this is that this shrinks the amount of money in the pool and so cuts must be made. Cuts in things like hospital staff, equipment, and research. It also leads to a society that is undesirable.

The very idea of the American Dream is at stake. This was once a place where people could accomplish anything with some ingenuity and a lot of hard work, where millionaires were made. The incentives to do this have been slipping away for quite some time, but this program will destroy the American Dream. It's sad.

If you want to read the bill with me it's available at

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

11 August 2009
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

I love the pretty little green and red x near the middle of the page. Sometimes validation just feels nice.

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10 August 2009
So now the wonderful Nancy Pelosi is saying that people who oppose socialized medicine at town hall meetings are un-American. Are you kidding me? The democrats invented dissent. Remember "Hell No, We Won't Go"? The double standard is beyond insane. As a former military wife I tend to consider myself patriotic, the opposite of un-American, but it seems now that if I disagree with a nationalized healthcare system I can't be patriotic at all. The problem is that we aren't a socialist country, I don't understand why supporting this type of legislation would be American or patriotic at all. I'm not un-American, I'm simply against this new socialized America that Obama is trying desperately to create in record time.

Also, as a former military spouse I have a different prospective than a lot of people in this country. I have lived with government healthcare. I have been forced to wait weeks or months for care for issues that are urgent and painful. I have arrived at appointment to find that my doctor has been deployed, and I have been told that no referrals are available because the specialist has been transferred to another base. I have also had to deal with the fact that throughout a very high risk pregnancy I never saw the same doctor twice and no one knew my history at all. I had to tell doctors my history as they skimmed my medical file in front of me. The files were replaced by computer records near the end of my husbands military service and they would look at medications and short notes to try to peice together medical conditions. It was substandard care, luckily for me there were other options, private emergency rooms for a large co-pay if things got too bad or urgent. If everything is government run there will be no options like that. That's horrifying to me.

One more aspect of government run healthcare, which is what this bill is leading us into, is the giant hmo-type mentality. This means that care, prescriptions available, doctors, specialists, treatments offered are all determined by the insurer, the government. At this point doctors are advocates of the patients, but when they are hired by the insurance company whose advocates will they be? Not mine. I also hate to think of the halt of the great medical advances this country has made as a direct result of companies being able to charge a premium for prescriptions in the years before the patent expires. People won't do it for free and government hiring tends to breed inefficiency and apathy. The whole thing makes my head hurt.


09 August 2009
I am loving the people coming together at town halls to attempt to talk some sense into representatives home for the August recess. The uprising against socialism is amazing and inspiring. The democrats statements on the issue are beyond insane. The claims I've heard just lately is that the people in the town halls are planted there, that the people at the town halls are violent, and that they carry swastikas.

The truth is that the Republican party doesn't need to plant anyone in these town halls. There is real opposition to united healthcare/Obamacare/whatever you want to call it. As to the violence, I read one of the articles that claimed violence and the single example they could give was a man who was hurt trying to jump into some closing doors because the fire marshall had said no one else could enter. He had a ripped shirt and a scratch. That's all they could come up with? Swastikas? This was just an audio clip of Nancy Pelosi saying this. As I scratch my head and try to figure out why someone would carry this horrible symbol, if they were indeed carrying it, this is Nancy Pelosi, I finally come up with it, these are probably not white supremists or skinheads....they are far more likely to be people comparing our government with Nazi Germany. Sad but not entirely inaccurate.

It's funny, when the democrats disagree with something they pull on their filthy unwashed jeans and go protest while the liberal media cheerleads and takes all sorts of misleading shots to make the protest appear to have more than 20 people attending. However, when individual Republicans try to argue issues at a legitimate forum and dressed in clean clothing they get slammed in the press.

I pretty much love that congress refused to meet Obama's August deadline. What's the rush? Give them time to read it. They are supposed to represent the people, shouldn't they see what the people are thinking? Obama is a bit like a used car salesman in this way. It happened with the stimulus as well. Rush, rush, rush, don't read it!!! If they leave the building they may walk away from the deal. I hope they do.

The New Justice

08 August 2009
Justice Sotomayor. Freaking Justice Sotomayor. I woke up tired, due to a cranky baby during the night and I find out that Chief Justice Roberts is giving the Wicked Witch of the West her oath today. Now she is officially a member of the Supreme Court. Way to make a crappy Saturday even crappier. Once again I have to look to Obama to place blame. I am going back to bed.

Blog Consolidation - Bringing my sites together

07 August 2009
August 6, 2009 - Obamacare is the single worst idea I've heard in a long, long time. Also, when did it become okay for members of congress to not read the bills that they vote on? I find myself wondering what happened to this country. I simply don't recognize it any more. The idea of the federal government paying for abortions makes my skin crawl.

After much research and consideration I have decided to categorize myself as a birther. Now, I'm not sure Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, but I'm also not sure he was born in Hawaii. This is a problem because I should be able to be sure. After all, the president is supposed to be a natural born citizen. His refusal to prove this is highly suspicious. It seems extremely expensive and unnecessary to block the release of the one document that would prove this if he is, in fact, Hawaiian born. As a result of my research I have found that a certificate of live birth can be issued to a person born on foreign soil. The full long form document, the birth certificate, is required to prove Hawaiian birth. Why won't he release it? Why did his paternal grandmother say that she was present at his birth in Kenya? Just produce the birth certificate and all the questions will be answered...except one, adoption.

I don't profess to be an expert in adoption law, however Mr. Obama's travels, along with school registrations bring up the strong possibility of him being adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, possibly while living in Indonesia. Indonesia does not have duel citizenship. Did Obama renounce his U.S. Citizenship?

Okay, enough Obama. It's depressing.

August 7, 2009

Today is my anniversary. I am home with the kids and my husband is at work, making all the money. Fun, right? So why do I feel guilty and overwhelmed all at once? The house is a mess and my mind is turning to mush. Time for grown up talk.

Yesterday a self-described "wise Latino woman" was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. Sonia Sotomayor, the racist. It amazes me that racism is fine as long as it doesn't come from the white 'majority.' I hate her policy. I hate that she is willing to choose race over applying the law. I hate that she touts empathy as a legal method. Her one job is to interpret the law, not bend and mould it to serve her personal agenda. She is a horrible choice. I know I sound bitter, I am.

There is something to be excited about though. The media seems to be slowing removing their lips from Obama's ass. I would never expect unbaised reporting, that would be too much to ask. However, issues are being brought up. The birth certificate issue is finally making news. The 200 day report reflects dissapointment in the sitting president. His healthcare policy is being questioned. These are all good things. The tide may be turning, slowly.

Obama has been in office 8 months and he's doing his best to make us Canada as quickly as possible. We have government intervention and control up the ying yang. He clearly hates our country and apologizes for it every chance he gets.

On a completely unrelated note I just have to mention Paula Abdul. She's really leaving Idol? She is the entertainment for that show. Her antics cause tons of people to tune in, including me. She is fun to make fun of and fun to watch. Trust me, I don't tune in to see Randy say dawg. I do enjoy the singing (sometimes) but it's kind of a package deal. Watch the singer mangle a song, watch Simon rip the person to shreds, and then watch Paula gush. It's fun. I can't imagine Victoria Beckham or Katy Perry gushing or embarassing themselves in such a manner.