Who knew Jon Gosselin had a personality?

19 August 2009
Although I will be the first person to say that Jon Gosselin is going seriously insane, I kinda like that he's finally emerging. I stopped watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 some time ago because I just couldn't listen to Kate's bitchiness. I guess I just saw Jon as a non-person, more like a piece of furniture, a kicking post or something. I get why he is emerging so strongly. Kate emasculated him for years, to the point where viewers were cringing at her treatment of him and automatically siding with him at the news of the breakup.

He quickly remedied that and now most people seem to be taking the side of the shrew. Ed Hardy, Michael Lohan, super young girlfriend? I get that he wants to live his life the way he wants now that he's out from under Kate's thumb, but he seems to be trying to relive a missed youth and he's kinda old for that. I can say that because he's my age. I'm definitely too old for the crap he's pulling, and I don't even have the awesome responsibility of 8 children.

I guess my point is that this mid-life crisis, or whatever it is, isn't super attractive and may cost him. It's nice to see him coming out of his shell, so to speak, but perhaps he should do it with some dignity.