Ted Kennedy

22 August 2009
This is going to be rather touchy, criticizing a man who has a terminal disease and lost his sister last week, in addition to being a member of American Royalty, but it must be done. Ted Kennedy apparently thinks the world revolves around him, and in some ways it always has. He was born to privilege, got away with murder (allegedly), and had a path to politics cleared for him. All of this is ancient history though, what I'm talking about is the here and now.

Kennedy made news recently by asking for a temporary gubernatorial appointment to fill his seat pending a special election if and when it becomes vacant as opposed to a five month seat vacancy for waiting for the special election. This sounds reasonable, except that he's the one that pushed for the law which doesn't allow this type of appointment, just five years ago! Why has his mind changed so radically? It's clearly a sense of self-entitlement, the laws should always work for him and never against him. If they do work against him then he'll push to have them changed. In this case, he really wants a democratic senator appointed if he should have to vacate his seat so that Obama will have the maximum number of votes available for the Obamacare bill as well as other liberal agenda items.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "What Mr. Kennedy doesn't volunteer is that he orchestrated the 2004 succession law revision that now requires a special election, and for similarly partisan reasons. John Kerry, the other Senator from the state, was running for President in 2004, and Mr. Kennedy wanted the law changed so the Republican Governor at the time, Mitt Romney, could not name Mr. Kerry's replacement." See here, for the original article. In Mr. Kennedy's World, the laws should always benefit the left. Annoying.