09 August 2009
I am loving the people coming together at town halls to attempt to talk some sense into representatives home for the August recess. The uprising against socialism is amazing and inspiring. The democrats statements on the issue are beyond insane. The claims I've heard just lately is that the people in the town halls are planted there, that the people at the town halls are violent, and that they carry swastikas.

The truth is that the Republican party doesn't need to plant anyone in these town halls. There is real opposition to united healthcare/Obamacare/whatever you want to call it. As to the violence, I read one of the articles that claimed violence and the single example they could give was a man who was hurt trying to jump into some closing doors because the fire marshall had said no one else could enter. He had a ripped shirt and a scratch. That's all they could come up with? Swastikas? This was just an audio clip of Nancy Pelosi saying this. As I scratch my head and try to figure out why someone would carry this horrible symbol, if they were indeed carrying it, this is Nancy Pelosi, I finally come up with it, these are probably not white supremists or skinheads....they are far more likely to be people comparing our government with Nazi Germany. Sad but not entirely inaccurate.

It's funny, when the democrats disagree with something they pull on their filthy unwashed jeans and go protest while the liberal media cheerleads and takes all sorts of misleading shots to make the protest appear to have more than 20 people attending. However, when individual Republicans try to argue issues at a legitimate forum and dressed in clean clothing they get slammed in the press.

I pretty much love that congress refused to meet Obama's August deadline. What's the rush? Give them time to read it. They are supposed to represent the people, shouldn't they see what the people are thinking? Obama is a bit like a used car salesman in this way. It happened with the stimulus as well. Rush, rush, rush, don't read it!!! If they leave the building they may walk away from the deal. I hope they do.