Big Brother - Spoilers as always

23 August 2009
Jeff has HOH, Jeff has veto, Jeff has a final four deal with Jordan, Michele, and Russell...and Natalie? Since Jeff has the power this week and Jordan had it last week the two of them have been occupying the HOH room for quite a while now. Power does not look good on Jordan, she has become the queen of the house, hiding away and ignoring other people in the house, talking crap about everyone. She also has become quite pushy and nasty, this might be related to her period though, which she talks about 24/7.

Jeff and Jordon are getting on my last nerve lately and I hope against hope that they lose power next week. Sadly, due to Michele's almost pathological lying Russell may be gone by them. Do dumb and dumber not see all the support that Natalie and Kevin have in the Jury house? If they break their alliance to Russ I'm sure he's not voting for them either. America's vote (thanks, Chima!) may go their way due to the golden edit they seem to recieve. That golden edit has got to stop soon as Jordan hasn't smiled or said a nice word in over a week, you can't edit something that's not there.