The Jaycee Dugard Case Isn't as Happy As I Had Hoped

28 August 2009
Phillip and Nancy Garrido abducted Jaycee Dugard when she was 11 years old. After the abduction Jaycee had a terrible existence for 18 years straight. She had two kids with this monster, forced home births, she never got an education, nor did they. She didn't have decent living accommodations, she was locked in a shed with a makeshift bathroom and shower, it has been compared to camping. Camping for 18 years. Could you imagine being locked in from the outside all the time? I would go insane. By my calculations she had her first child at 14, she must have been terrified.

Her abductors deserve to be executed. They probably will never be though, even if they get the death penalty, which California does have, they never execute anyone there. People just die off on death row. Too bad she wasn't from Texas, they'd be dead in six years time. Texas is quick like that.

When I heard that she had come forward I had hoped that she had been stolen by some desperate childless couple who raised her as their own, despite the crime in obtaining her. Instead she was kept as a toy for a pedofile sex offender. Disgusting.