Obama's Daughters Did Not Get H1N1 Vaccine

25 October 2009
Obama's daughters reportedly did not get the H1N1 vaccine.  The White House says it's not available to them because they are not at risk.  CDC begs to disagree with them being at risk.  Not available?  LMAO.  He's the effing President.  If it's not good enough for your family, Mr. President, it's sure as hell not good enough for my family.  I refuse to be a guinea pig for a new vaccine, especially one with ingredients that are suspected to cause neurological disorders in later life.

Update: Obama's daughters have now been vaccinated according to the White House Blog.  My kids are still not being vaccinated.  Obama himself, and Michelle, still have not been vaccinated.  The risks of the vaccine are too great.  Looking at the odds, I'm going with no.  

Do You Recognize This Girl?

23 October 2009

This unidentified girl was found in Midtown Manhattan, she is estimated to be in her teens.  She has no idea who she is.  For more info, click here.
Update: She has been identified and is being reunited with her family.

The Sickness is Coming

21 October 2009
Today my son got sent home from school, sick.  He threw up in the hallway, twice, and the bathroom once at school.  He hasn't been able to hold anything down.  He's been sleeping for hours.  As I sit here with an incredibly stiff neck, sore throat, and stomach issues I wouldn't wish on anyone I can't help but wonder what kind of sickness this is and whether the baby will get it.  I've heard my oldest daughter coughing and sniffling, I know she's getting it.  She, of course, insists she's not.  My husband shows no signs, yet.  He did walk in the house today, pick up my drink and drink out of it, bad move. 

I can't seem to get the words swine flu from the back of my mind.  Here's hoping I'm being paranoid.

Balloon Boy's Parents are Tempting Fate

19 October 2009
I have never used the excuse that a relative died to get out of work.  Why?  Because karma will bite you in the ass.  I was always superstious about that.  If you say someone is dead, then they will die.  I know it doesn't actually happen, I think it doesn't actually happen....  It's just bad.  Now, the Heene family all lied and basically told us their kids was in grave danger or dead (he may have fallen out).  It's just horrible.  I could not imagine pretending my child was in danger or dead to get a television show, or for any reason. 

This poor child, having to pretend he was missing on national television, live at that.  I'm sure it absolutely hurt him inside, and that's probably why he threw up whenever anyone asked him a question about it.  I wonder how many times those kids have been forced to lie about things.  Just how important is the limelight?  It seems these parents were willing to sacrifice an awful lot for some attention and some cash.  What a lesson to teach your children.

Joy Behar Annoys Me Beyond Belief

17 October 2009
Joy Behar makes my skin crawl.  She has no idea what she's talking about at any given time.  She is brash and insulting and ignorant.  Why did she get her own show?  She should be muzzled for her own safety.  She acts like a eight year old.  She calls everyone who she doesn't agree with an idiot.  She's on HLN.  I used to be able to just leave HLN on in the evening.  Nancy Grace, Showbiz Tonight, even Issues with Jane Valez Mitchell.

I just can't stomach Joy Behar.  I have to turn the channel, even when I'm interested in what the person she is interviewing has to say.  When I tried to watch her interview with Orly Taitz, who is the attorney in the Obama Birth Certificate lawsuits she completely ruined any chance to hear anything interesting.  Instead of interviewing Orly Taitz, she taunted her by saying 'no one believes you.'  'Do you really want to take down a sitting President?'  Like we should keep him if he's not a natural born citizen just because he's already in office.  It's his actions, not those of Orly Taitz that will decide his fate. 

After Joy Behar spent the segment making fun of Orly Taitz and talking down to her she said it was nice having you on, and that was the end of her time.  There was not even the pretense of good faith.  She just had her on to have a place to publically act childish and horrible.  She's like the kid in class that's always making fart noises, trying desperately to get attention.  If she had a brain in her head I might find her interesting, but apparantly her only game is to make fun of people and talk about them, constantly using the term 'idiot.'  I hope she gets taken off the air due to lack of ratings.  I can't imagine anyone wants to watch her show, which has no substance and an extemely annoying host. 


15 October 2009
This is the most relaxed I've felt in a long time.  The baby and I took a long nap this morning and now she's playing quietly in her playpen while I lounge about and play on the internet.  It's heaven, she never does this!  Usually I'm chasing the little monkey all over the house or feeding her a bottle, or she's fallen asleep on me and I can't move lest I wake her.  I know I should be up cleaning the house right now, but I have melted into the chair.  She's making the cutest little baby noises in there.  50 minutes until the big ones start getting home from school, then a mad rush to make it to gymnastics class on time.  It's raining outside and that makes me happy inside.  I think if I shut my eyes I could take another nap...

Tomorrow is Monday

11 October 2009
Monday is a good day.  The kids have no afterschool activies on Monday, none.  That means we can do homework, have fun, enjoy a house that was cleaned over the weekend, have time to make dinner, and get to bed at bedtime.  Then it's time to hold on tight because the rest of the week is insane.  My oldest is at a makeup soccer practice right now.  We usually get Sunday's off. 

I love watching them do their various activities, I do.  It just takes a little joy out of it when they fight me about doing their homework, beg for fast food on the way home, and end up in bed far later than I would like on a schoolnight.  There's also the baby, she comes along for the ride.  Usually one of the big ones can give her her bottle, if need be, en route.  When we get wherever we are going I usually have to send the kids ahead of me so I can change babykins, sigh. 

I think I had a bit of the flu yesterday, today I am just exhausted.  

I am so tired of people defending Roman Polanski

07 October 2009
He raped a little girl.  He ran before sentencing.  He never served his time, he wasn't punished.  He lured and drugged a 13 year old and had sex with her against her will.  Disgusting man.  I don't buy the whole exile argument either, he had to stay in countries that wouldn't extradite him, where he was still practicing his craft and rich beyond most people's dreams, living a lavish life.  He chose to go to Switzerland, they arrested him, as well they should have.  Hollywood defending him, France defending him,  it's just bad.  Are we really at the point now that talent excuses everything and anything?  I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison. 

Judge Carter, Just Freaking Decide Already

06 October 2009
A eligibility lawsuit regarding Obama had a hearing yesterday on a motion to dismiss.  There were three hours of arguments and then the judge said that he would decide later.  It's later, Judge Carter.  I hate waiting, generally, in life. 

In other news, I have had a nasty, disgusting day.  I have been cleaning up the most vile things you can imagine.  Things are about to get complicated, my little guy will be here in ten minutes, then it's drama, gymnastics, and soccer.  Hopefully we don't have to take the disgusting show on the road.

I think I need some kid free time

04 October 2009
I love the monkeys, but my temper is short lately.  I'm stressed overwhelmed and underappreciated, in a word, Mom.  What I wouldn't give to go to a hotel for a night and read a book by myself, uninterrupted.  It's just a dream, and if I actually did it I would probably feel guilty the entire time.  The baby crawls so fast now, and she's always heading for trouble.  The middle guy is testing his boundaries.  The tween is agreeing to do everything I ask and then simply not doing it.  I hear a condescending tone in my husband's voice when he looks up from his football to talk to me. 

I feel like I'm ramming headfirst into brick walls at every turn and it's exhausting.  Working was 100x easier than staying home.

Fall is Full of Good Things

01 October 2009
My flowers are blooming like crazy on the side of the house.  It's beautiful!  It's starting to really feel like Fall and I have a lot of green tomatoes still.  Hopefully they get color before the frost.  I am loving the weather, Fall has always been my favorite season.  There are pumpkins in the stores, long sleeves are on.  There are glaring holes in our fall wardrobes that I can't wait to correct.  Soon there will be wonderful Pomegranates, but not from my tiny tree.  I'm growing cranberries and can't wait to harvest those.  All in all, life is good in the fall.