Obama's Daughters Did Not Get H1N1 Vaccine

25 October 2009
Obama's daughters reportedly did not get the H1N1 vaccine.  The White House says it's not available to them because they are not at risk.  CDC begs to disagree with them being at risk.  Not available?  LMAO.  He's the effing President.  If it's not good enough for your family, Mr. President, it's sure as hell not good enough for my family.  I refuse to be a guinea pig for a new vaccine, especially one with ingredients that are suspected to cause neurological disorders in later life.

Update: Obama's daughters have now been vaccinated according to the White House Blog.  My kids are still not being vaccinated.  Obama himself, and Michelle, still have not been vaccinated.  The risks of the vaccine are too great.  Looking at the odds, I'm going with no.