The Sickness is Coming

21 October 2009
Today my son got sent home from school, sick.  He threw up in the hallway, twice, and the bathroom once at school.  He hasn't been able to hold anything down.  He's been sleeping for hours.  As I sit here with an incredibly stiff neck, sore throat, and stomach issues I wouldn't wish on anyone I can't help but wonder what kind of sickness this is and whether the baby will get it.  I've heard my oldest daughter coughing and sniffling, I know she's getting it.  She, of course, insists she's not.  My husband shows no signs, yet.  He did walk in the house today, pick up my drink and drink out of it, bad move. 

I can't seem to get the words swine flu from the back of my mind.  Here's hoping I'm being paranoid.