Balloon Boy's Parents are Tempting Fate

19 October 2009
I have never used the excuse that a relative died to get out of work.  Why?  Because karma will bite you in the ass.  I was always superstious about that.  If you say someone is dead, then they will die.  I know it doesn't actually happen, I think it doesn't actually happen....  It's just bad.  Now, the Heene family all lied and basically told us their kids was in grave danger or dead (he may have fallen out).  It's just horrible.  I could not imagine pretending my child was in danger or dead to get a television show, or for any reason. 

This poor child, having to pretend he was missing on national television, live at that.  I'm sure it absolutely hurt him inside, and that's probably why he threw up whenever anyone asked him a question about it.  I wonder how many times those kids have been forced to lie about things.  Just how important is the limelight?  It seems these parents were willing to sacrifice an awful lot for some attention and some cash.  What a lesson to teach your children.


Anonymous said...

It is really bad Karma to do that kind of stuff. TrotlineDesigns says that is evil

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe they had all three of the kids lying. That's a shame to tell a child to lie. It's wrong on so many levels.