Tomorrow is Monday

11 October 2009
Monday is a good day.  The kids have no afterschool activies on Monday, none.  That means we can do homework, have fun, enjoy a house that was cleaned over the weekend, have time to make dinner, and get to bed at bedtime.  Then it's time to hold on tight because the rest of the week is insane.  My oldest is at a makeup soccer practice right now.  We usually get Sunday's off. 

I love watching them do their various activities, I do.  It just takes a little joy out of it when they fight me about doing their homework, beg for fast food on the way home, and end up in bed far later than I would like on a schoolnight.  There's also the baby, she comes along for the ride.  Usually one of the big ones can give her her bottle, if need be, en route.  When we get wherever we are going I usually have to send the kids ahead of me so I can change babykins, sigh. 

I think I had a bit of the flu yesterday, today I am just exhausted.