I think I need some kid free time

04 October 2009
I love the monkeys, but my temper is short lately.  I'm stressed overwhelmed and underappreciated, in a word, Mom.  What I wouldn't give to go to a hotel for a night and read a book by myself, uninterrupted.  It's just a dream, and if I actually did it I would probably feel guilty the entire time.  The baby crawls so fast now, and she's always heading for trouble.  The middle guy is testing his boundaries.  The tween is agreeing to do everything I ask and then simply not doing it.  I hear a condescending tone in my husband's voice when he looks up from his football to talk to me. 

I feel like I'm ramming headfirst into brick walls at every turn and it's exhausting.  Working was 100x easier than staying home.


Inge' said...

I know what you mean about feeling guilty. But you do need some "me" time to regroup. Have you considered a "Mother's Day Out" program? Most local churches have them. It is only one day a week and usually only lasts from about 8-1. So that would give you the morning through lunch for some time to yourself.