20 August 2009
I feel for the Octomom. I really do. Regardless of the choices she made in the past she has a lot of kids now, a lot. I caught the very end of her special last night, maybe 15 minutes of it. What I saw was a tired, overwhelmed, frustrated woman. She has so much more on her plate than she can possibly handle. Also, people seem to always want to make her admit that she made a mistake. She has. That's more than I would do. I would never call my kids a mistake, ever. But I get it, everyone seems to want to see remorse, regret...so she finally gives it to them.

What I saw last night was tragic, but not hopeless. She did have help, some sort of support, even though her mother is not included in that. At this point my thoughts are, what's done is done, perhaps forgiveness is in order. She honestly appears to be doing the best she can. So maybe the media can finally stop trying to rub her nose in her mistakes and let her concentrate on the extraordinary challenge ahead. And I get that she opened this door by doing the special but really she's just trying to provide for those kids in a way that lets her be home with them. I get that, I actually admire that. I think they're going to make it.