My Big Brother Dream

25 August 2009
Now that Jeff has betrayed his final 4 alliance there is no need for Michele to be loyal to him or Jordan. It's very clear that Jeff is playing for Jeff and Jordan and Jordan is playing for Jordan. Neither one of them has any loyalty outside of this. This means that Kevin and Michele really need to get together and keep Russell. Russell has the physical and mental ability to beat Jeff in a competition and Natalie has already pledged her loyalty to Jeff and Jordan with the knowledge that she is replacing Michele in that position. This leaves Michele and Kevin in a precarious position, outnumbered and underpowered.

However, if they keep Russell they are no longer outnumbered and with Jeff ineligible for HOH and Jordan incapable of winning nearly anything they are virtually guaranteed that one of the two will go home next week. As an added bonus, they get rid of stinky Natalie, seriously, please shower!, who hasn't really won anything except the first HOH competition (which Jessie got to take advantage of) but I believe is completely capable of winning.

Also, Jeff's vile habit of threatening violence against others seems to be rubbing off on Jordan. It's just as unattractive on her. Who would have guessed that two beautiful people could be so ugly on the inside?