Being All Domestic and Stuff

16 November 2009
I have been running around making all sorts of stuff from scratch.  Cooking all sorts of crazy things and breaking kitchen appliances left and right.  The baby is currently eating homemade apple chips.  Seriously.  I also tried to felt some sweaters with no luck whatsoever.  I know where the mistake was made, the sweaters were not wool, they kinda need to be.  I made fruit roll-ups, they were not good.  I made chicken pot pie with all fresh ingredients,  that was good.  Of course I have bird issues so I had to pick around the chicken.  Today I am making bread with butternut squash,  I have to braid the dough, should be interesting.  I have a cake pan that I purchased for baby's birthday it's in the shape of a princess crown.  Am using four colors of icing and about 30 tips, okay that's an exaggeration, but a lot of tips.  Sent out a few feeler emails today to previous work contacts to see what's out there....