Baby on the Beach and Big Brother

06 September 2009
We took the baby to the beach. She was actually awake this time! Unfortunately, she kept eating the sand. It's okay though, she's still cute. We were pulled over on the way home for speeding and got a warning. I love warnings, better than not getting pulled over at all, really. Then you feel lucky.

The older kids did all sorts of acrobatic things on the beach, I got hit by a wave that was bigger than expected and got the bottom of my rolled up pants wet. This always happens. I'm used to it. The kids got to actually see a labor day weekend crowded boardwalk, as we usually like to visit the beach in the fall and winter so we can have it to ourselves. Derek, of course, parked like a million miles away so we could get a free spot.

I watched Big Brother tonight, the people in costume were far less entertaining than I had hoped. Natalie was telling the truth!!! I couldn't believe it! She did get to see her boyfriend, he did propose. Now I'm left feeling that it's a bit unfair. The whole idea of the Big Brother house is that you are isolated from the outside world. Very short monitored reward phone calls are one thing, twenty minutes with a loved one is completely different. It changes your mindset, the sense of isolation which is the game, has been altered. I'm starting to like Kevin more and more and I really wish Natalie was going rather than Jordan or Michele (because SPOILER Kevin won the veto). I do love that they all see through her at this point, but I'm afraid it's really too late. I miss Russell and Lydia.