Big Night Tonight on Big Brother - Spoiler

08 September 2009
Now we are down to four. Natalie, Michele, Jordan, and Kevin are a pretty unlikely and unlikeable final four but that's where we are. So, Natalie is HOH, Kevin has the Veto, by default either Michelle or Jordan must go tonight. Michele is a much stronger player and Natalie is threatening to castrate Kevin if he doesn't vote Michele out, so I'm thinking she's probably leaving tonight. That sucks.

I guess Kevin is the best of the rejects. Jordan has not even played, she's far too dumb to be strategic, nobody respects her "game" of letting Jeff do all the work. Natalie has a lot of jury votes, but Kevin knows she's a little liar and he also knows he can't win against her. He can convince Jordan of this as well, so it's very, very likely that Natalie is the next to go. She doesn't win much and Kevin can dig in his heels. I think he'll hold out on endurance longer than either of the girls, he wants it more, he's a greedy bitch.

So, there's my prediction. Michele goes tonight. Then Natalie. That leaves Kevin and Jordan. Kevin wins because he's got more jury house support and he played more than Jordan.