Obama, Please Get out of my Face

03 September 2009
Obama is attempting to take over primetime again next Wednesday. I didn't even look to see why. I don't care. It's like the boy who cried wolf. He always needs to be on tv, it's never for some earth shattering reason. It's just because he can. He's an attention whore and I find it annoying. People watch primetime tv to relax, it's an escape. The news channels are for political speeches and the like.

If, god forbid, there is an event like September 11th, then by all means break into whatever shows you like. Otherwise, release a statement or give a speech which is covered by all the cable news channels. He is costing the networks money and alienating people. If it were up to Obama we would have all Obama all the time. His recent decision to stream a live feed into the schools so he can address the children, complete with a lesson plan forwarded to the schools, is indicitive of that. Why must he force himself on people?