My Little Guy Just Turned Eight

26 September 2009
He got a skateboard, I'm sure he's going to break something.  He's thrilled because he's finally 8, and carseat laws in the state say you have to be eight to stop riding in one.  I personally think he's going to ask for it back once he realized that he can't see out the window in the SUV nearly as well.  Yes, I drive an SUV, we're Republican. 

We are continuing the birthday festivities today with a trip to Dave and Busters in an undisclosed city.  I feel bad for little guy because he spent half of his birthday at school and then had to sit at his sister's soccer game in the evening.  He had cake and presents but not much celebration time. 

I am still all wrapped up in the Haleigh Cummings case, so you can usually find me at my Kids in Peril website where I talk about all things missing kids, abducted kids...mistreated kids.   Or, you can follow me on twitter!


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Happy Birthday to your son.