He's Coming Home Today!

18 September 2009
Finally.  My husband is coming back today.  His company tried to get him to change his plane ticket and stay longer, he declined!!!  That's a first.  My kids have proven that they are demon creatures and I need a break.  Well, the older two have, the baby is not old enough to be a demon creature yet.  My house is a horrifying mess.  I'm thinking that I clean the house (ugh), and then have drinking night with my husband!!!  I love drinking night.  That sounds bad.  I love having nothing to do and relaxing with my husband. 

I have a 12 year old, it's kind of like having a tiger in the house.  It's beautiful but you kinda know it's going to attack at some point.  She's fantastically pretty and looks older than she is (which makes me nervous).  Her smile can disarm anyone.  She's also mean.  She's super sweet until you tell her no about something, or she takes something the wrong way and then the ridiculous ranting and raving that comes out of her followed by the stomping and door slamming and proclamations of hatred is almost comical, almost. 

My middle one is almost 8.  He's sneaky.  He takes stuff upstairs and hides it.  He's also destructive.  When he's sent to his room he'll absolutely wreck it, dumping out legos and pushing over chairs.  All of this behavior is magnified 1000x when his father isn't here.  My daughter also acts up more when he's not around.  Come to think of it, the dog doesn't listen as well either...annoying.