Dead Frog in a Pepsi Can

02 September 2009

My worst fears have been realized. There was a frog (or toad, the FDA isn't sure) found in a can of Diet Pepsi. The poor man who found it, popped it open, took a drink, and then started gagging. The man and his wife poured out the can and found a gelatinous blog in the bottom which resembled pink linguine, followed by something black. The FDA has determined that the frog (or toad) was gutted. How they know that the mostly liquefied frog was gutted I have no idea.

Everyone who knows me knows that I don't drink out of soda cans, ever. I have to pour the contents into a clear glass. I won't drink it if I can't see it. I always assumed it would be a dead rat on the bottom. It's nice to see my neurotic fear was completely rational. I'm not sure I can ever drink out a soda can again, even poured into a glass. It's just too gross.

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