Michelle Duggar Pregnant Again - With Number 19

01 September 2009

Just as her son's wife is about to give birth old Michelle Mullethead announces she is pregnant again. She's 42, the apparantly sexually insatiable Jim Bob is 44. Kids take a ton of energy and effort. I just don't see how any human could possibly give any one of those kids the attention and care that they need to become good adults. After all, that is our number one job as parents, to take that child you have created and make them into a good adult. It's fundamently unfair to the existing children to continue having babies and taking away their parental time until they are left with nearly none. The older kids, with their little "buddies" are being forced to grow up way too soon. The younger ones, left in the hands of children are placed in an unforgivably perilous situation. Maybe her uterus will fall out when she has this next one, one can only hope.

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