I'm Not Really Evil

29 September 2009
I know that I tend to post when something upsets me.  I'm not always upset, I just refuse to let my blog read like a Christmas letter, so I try to give the good and the bad.  Sadly, the bad is more motivating than the good and I seem to be writing about it more. 

I am really enjoying the season premieres this week.  Desperate Housewives was so good.  I love Drea De Matteo, she's beautiful.  I loved her on the Soprano's as well.  I hope they make her a regular.  Gray's Anatomy was fabulous as well.  They did a beautiful job with George's death.  I can't wait for Private Practice on Thursday.  I missed Medium's debut on CBS, too bad because the cliffhanger last season was intriguing, will have to see if I can grab it online.