Jeff is Gone, Natalie is HOH and a Big Brother Spoiler

04 September 2009
Thursday night Jeff pranced his happy ass out the door, presumably heading off to get his face used as a mop by Russell in the jury house. After which, Jeff will, of course, knife Russell in the neck. Fun times. I do have to admit I did a happy dance when he left, he's a thuggish type and I don't like him much.

Okay, a ton has happened since then. On the live show Natalie won HOH. Her nominations were.....Michele and Kevin! Yes, the girl who hasn't broken her word (per her) put up her only ally in the house. Whatever, it's final four, these things happen.

Luxury Comp: There was a luxury comp. New clothes were had by all. Natalie claimed they were all too big for her because she's an extra small. I think she just didn't need them because she doesn't ever shower or change her clothes.

Pandora's Box: As many have speculated, Pandora's Box was not over with the money drop and Kevin getting his arm trapped. Natalie has accepted something from Pandora's Box which she traded for the ability to play veto. She claimed it was a chance to meet with a loved one in person. She also claims it was her boyfriend that she met up with and he proposed and said that the internet hates her. She's a big liar, so take all of that with a grain of salt. There's a lot of speculation out there that she took a large amount of money in exchange for the veto and did not want to admit to that. There was also some kind of craziness that came from her opening Pandora's Box that involved little people and maybe former houseguests, can't wait to see that!

Jordan and Natalie have made a final 2 deal, lets see if they stick to it. POV has not occured yet.