Liberals Use of the Word Silly - Address to School Children

07 September 2009
I was listening to the news today, I heard the secretary of education call parents who are concerned with Obama's speech to the schoolchildren "silly." Silly is an extremely condescending term to use toward other adults. It completely undermines any idea that there is a rational argument there. We are not silly, we are well versed in history and have seen communist regimes begin this way, with the indoctrination of the young.

Obama has shown himself to be a radical and when he says he wants to speak to the children without their parents, and gives liberal teachers lesson plans to further his message, it gives me pause. I saw those original questions in the lesson plans, to be given before, during, and after the speech, and they were disturbing.

Now that I have read the speech (please see the full text here) I was relieved to find that it is a typical Obama is Awesome Day, where the President pats himself on the back in front of an audience, anyone who misses it should be able to catch a similar session when Obama takes over Primetime TV on Wednesday. There is no doubt in my mind that the speech has been altered after the public outcry just as the questions in the lesson plan were altered.

People who state that they cannot see why anyone would be upset by the Presidential speech are being willfully ignorant. Maybe they are just being "silly."