Crazy Day - The Big Brother Finale

15 September 2009
My husband has landed at his far away destination and I am here.  I have three events to do with the kids tonight (4 if you count dinner, and I probably should count dinner).  One has gymnastics, one has soccer, there is a back to school night, dinner, then showers and bed and then at 9:00 THE TWO HOUR BIG BROTHER FINALE.  So, I had planned to fit in homework before gymnastics and dinner between gymnastics and soccer, but then I get the email about back to school night which overlaps with both gymnastics and soccer.  I have to go to back to school night late and leave early because that's the only way my son can enroll in Cub Scouts, ugh.  So, I guess we will eat at like 4:00!  I hope the baby cooperates today, the kids will probably have to feed her her bottle while I chauffer them from place to place.  I can't wait for the finale show.  I think I will have a drink or two while I'm watching it.

On a completely unrelated note, the baby cannot drop her pacifier on the floor because the dog immediately grabs it, runs with it, and eats the nipple.  This is my life.