I'm Not Really Evil

29 September 2009
I know that I tend to post when something upsets me.  I'm not always upset, I just refuse to let my blog read like a Christmas letter, so I try to give the good and the bad.  Sadly, the bad is more motivating than the good and I seem to be writing about it more. 

I am really enjoying the season premieres this week.  Desperate Housewives was so good.  I love Drea De Matteo, she's beautiful.  I loved her on the Soprano's as well.  I hope they make her a regular.  Gray's Anatomy was fabulous as well.  They did a beautiful job with George's death.  I can't wait for Private Practice on Thursday.  I missed Medium's debut on CBS, too bad because the cliffhanger last season was intriguing, will have to see if I can grab it online.

Obama, Hands off My Money!

28 September 2009
It seems like everyday I wake up to another plan that Obama has to expand our Government and spend my money.  He acts like Robin Hood, trampling States Rights and the Constitution along the way.  Sometimes I think the man actually believes he is a God.  He wants to control everything.  I hope he doesn't destroy the Country before he leaves office in 3+ years. 

My Little Guy Just Turned Eight

26 September 2009
He got a skateboard, I'm sure he's going to break something.  He's thrilled because he's finally 8, and carseat laws in the state say you have to be eight to stop riding in one.  I personally think he's going to ask for it back once he realized that he can't see out the window in the SUV nearly as well.  Yes, I drive an SUV, we're Republican. 

We are continuing the birthday festivities today with a trip to Dave and Busters in an undisclosed city.  I feel bad for little guy because he spent half of his birthday at school and then had to sit at his sister's soccer game in the evening.  He had cake and presents but not much celebration time. 

I am still all wrapped up in the Haleigh Cummings case, so you can usually find me at my Kids in Peril website where I talk about all things missing kids, abducted kids...mistreated kids.   Or, you can follow me on twitter!

I hate the flu shot

25 September 2009
I won't take it.  It makes me feel horrible.  My doctor says I have a "reaction" to it.  I say it gives me the flu.  I know it technically doesn't.  But it makes me feel like I have it, so what's the difference really?  My kids get the same reaction so they don't get the shot (or mist) either.  I felt a little guilty about that this year, what with the swine flu, sorry H1N1 virius.  Then I read this article that says that the flu shot increases your risk for getting the Swine Flu...maybe.  Ha!  I feel vindicated!

Biggest Baby Ever!

24 September 2009
This 19 lb baby boy was born today in Indonesia.  He is 24.4 inches long.  He was thankfully born by cesarean section.  Look at that kid.  He weighs as much as a one year old.   His mom is diabetic and doctors think that is what caused him to grow so large.  The baby is the biggest baby ever born in Indonesia.  There is reportedly a 22 lb baby who was born in 1955 in Italy, so he's not the biggest in the world. 
His poor mother.  I've had three six pounders (at different times!!!) and it made me feel like there was no room left to breathe, even mothers of twins and triplets often don't have a combined weight of 19 lbs of baby.  I kind of love that little one next to him, just observing.  His mother is going to develop some serious arm muscles from carrying him about.

I Think it's Going to Rain Today

22 September 2009
I love the rain.  I love falling asleep to the sound of rain at night.  I love the smell of the air before the rain.  I love running through the rain.  It's fabulous in every way.  My plants also love the rain, they can tell the difference between rain water and other water, it seems.

Since I've been staying home with the baby I have occasional flashes of sadness about leaving my career behind.  Everyone knows that it cannot just be picked back up, what you get is a crumbled mess of a career you have to rebuild.  I've been home 9 months now.  I had said I would stay home a year.  Sadly, I am seeing what an absolute liar my 12 year old is and see how easily she bends to peer pressure, and just how eager she is to impress, and have convinced myself that either drugs or a pregnancy are in her future if I let her come home alone.  So now I decide, nanny or mommy?  She's too old for childcare in a center environment.

The other day my husband called me a former lawyer.  I cried my eyes out.  I worked so hard for this.  There is also another child, my boy in the middle.   He's like the little girl with the little curl.  When he's good, he's very, very good, but when he is bad, he is horrid.  So, back to the mommy vs. nanny dilemma.  A nanny could be here with baby all day and be here for the kids afterwards, much like I am now.  She can get them to sports and other activities and give them a sense of discipline.  Can I handle someone so completely taking over the role of mom?  Can I trust anyone with my children?  We've all heard the horror stories.  Money is a bit of an issue, but just in terms of quality of life.  My husband can cover the bills but there's no room for extras, like the amazing summer camp the kids have become accustomed to, or the clothes with the labels that everyone is wearing, or a college fund (that's a huge one).

Thanks for listening.

I'm Obsessed with the Haleigh Cummings Case - My Apologies

21 September 2009
Sorry about that.  I'll try to keep all that kind of stuff on my other website, Kids in Peril.  It's just that sometimes a case consumes me and I want to talk about it constantly.

A minor miracle happened on my columnar apple tree.  It was blooming a bit ago, which made me sad, because the others weren't meaning no cross-pollination and thus no apples.  Well the blooms have fallen off and apples are developing!  Must have been an apple tree somewhere near that was blooming.  Thanks little bee for traveling a bit for me. 

I have a tiny backyard, so I have tiny trees in it, among other plants.  A dwarf apple, two collumnar apples (plus two in the front yard), raspberries, blueberries, grapes, artichokes, tomatoes, peppers, cranberries a pomegrantate tree.  At this time last year it had 4 fifty foot pines in it and sappy pine needles everywhere, even the dog didn't like to hang out back there.  Sometimes I would rake up the pine needles, then it looked like a campground.  I don't like camping.  I'm so proud of what we've done.  There's fruit and grass.  The kids actually play back there. 

I saw the IMAX version of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs yesterday in 3-d.  It was really expensive but completely worth it.  I only took the two big kids while baby and daddy stayed home at watched the football game.  I also got to see the previews for Where the Wild Things Are, I can't wait to see it!

I was flipping through the Showtime on Demand menu when I came across Dexter the other night.  I haven't see it, so I watched episode 1, season one.  OMG!!!  Why did no one tell me how very awesome Dexter is?  I immediately watched episode 2, but it was past 2 am when that was done so I had to go to sleep after that.  I'm going to watch them all!!!  I love that sociopath.

A bit of Haleigh Non-News - UPDATED

19 September 2009
UPDATE: The search has been confirmed to be part of the Haleigh Cummings investigation.  The police are still saying there was no body found.  No word on why police first denied that the search was related to Haleigh Cummings.  Police are denying that the questioning of Misty's brother and sister-in-law have anything to do with the search.  Say it is related to a tip.

There have been rumors and even media reports flying around that Haleigh Cumming's body was found last night.  The police are saying that this is not true.  I really have no choice but to believe them, plus I really want to believe them.  They are draining a pond near her house, they say it's part of a marijuana bust, her paternal great-grandmother says she's sure it's a Haleigh search.  Both Tommy and Lindsay Croslin (Misty Croslin's brother and sister-in-law) were questioned extensively yesterday.  Misty is Haleigh's stepmother, and the last person to see her alive.  I am so hoping that the little girl is safe somewhere.

He's Coming Home Today!

18 September 2009
Finally.  My husband is coming back today.  His company tried to get him to change his plane ticket and stay longer, he declined!!!  That's a first.  My kids have proven that they are demon creatures and I need a break.  Well, the older two have, the baby is not old enough to be a demon creature yet.  My house is a horrifying mess.  I'm thinking that I clean the house (ugh), and then have drinking night with my husband!!!  I love drinking night.  That sounds bad.  I love having nothing to do and relaxing with my husband. 

I have a 12 year old, it's kind of like having a tiger in the house.  It's beautiful but you kinda know it's going to attack at some point.  She's fantastically pretty and looks older than she is (which makes me nervous).  Her smile can disarm anyone.  She's also mean.  She's super sweet until you tell her no about something, or she takes something the wrong way and then the ridiculous ranting and raving that comes out of her followed by the stomping and door slamming and proclamations of hatred is almost comical, almost. 

My middle one is almost 8.  He's sneaky.  He takes stuff upstairs and hides it.  He's also destructive.  When he's sent to his room he'll absolutely wreck it, dumping out legos and pushing over chairs.  All of this behavior is magnified 1000x when his father isn't here.  My daughter also acts up more when he's not around.  Come to think of it, the dog doesn't listen as well either...annoying.

Casey Anthony Tries to get Charges Dropped Against Her

17 September 2009

Everyone who knows me knows that I am an avid follower of the Caylee Anthony case.  That means that Casey is on my list.  The girl is guilty as hell, in my opinion.  She's an immature brat who took an absolute gift and literally killed that gift, allegedly.  She has filed three different motions lately.  The first is a motion to drop the charges due to improper preservation of the evidence, the second is a motion to change venue to either Broward, Miami-Dade, or Palm Beach County,  and the third is to not be videotaped when her lawyers or parents visit her in jail.  The girl killed her 2 year old, wrapped her tiny face in duct tape, and dumped her less than a mile from the house they lived in with Caylee's grandparents, allegedly.  Casey is facing the death penalty, this Hail Mary motion won't change that, I'm sure.

Jimmy Carter is an Asshat

16 September 2009
I tried to find a way to say that nicely.  I didn't succeed.  According to former President Jimmy Carter there is racism coming to the surface in this country and the criticism of Obama flows from racism, white people who don't think a black person is qualified to run the country.  Seriously?  I thought I hated his policies, not that I was a racist.  I'm annoyed by the implication that there can be no other reason for disagreement.  Hello, he's trying to make us Socialists!  Am I allowed to be upset about that?  I'm getting a little sick of the racism thing.  Is this President (who by the way, is grossly underqualified, and not because he's black) immune to all criticism simply because of the color of his skin? 

Big Brother - Last Post of the Season - The Ultimate Spoiler

15 September 2009
Jordan won, Jordan won, Jordan won.  She won part 3 of the head of household comp and evicted Kevin.  Smart move for a dumb girl.  I appears the jury house hates Natalie, as evidenced in the 5-2 vote (America voted for Jordan), Kevin and Russell voted for Natalie.  Kevin walked straight out to the live questioning before the vote without getting to talk to the other jury members. 

Jeff got AC, I still think he's a prick but it seems that his funny side is coming back as the stress pours off.  Jordan said she's going to put a down payment down on a house for her, her brother, and her mom and maybe get a new car.  Her mom was giddy with excitement with that news.  As a mother I couldn't imagine accepting such a gift from my child and would encourage her to go out on her own at her age, get her own house, etc..  Oh well, to each their own. 

Big Brother, of course did not reveal the winner until the last 5 minutes of the two hour finale.  It took about 45 minutes just to get to part 3 of the HOH.

Crazy Day - The Big Brother Finale

My husband has landed at his far away destination and I am here.  I have three events to do with the kids tonight (4 if you count dinner, and I probably should count dinner).  One has gymnastics, one has soccer, there is a back to school night, dinner, then showers and bed and then at 9:00 THE TWO HOUR BIG BROTHER FINALE.  So, I had planned to fit in homework before gymnastics and dinner between gymnastics and soccer, but then I get the email about back to school night which overlaps with both gymnastics and soccer.  I have to go to back to school night late and leave early because that's the only way my son can enroll in Cub Scouts, ugh.  So, I guess we will eat at like 4:00!  I hope the baby cooperates today, the kids will probably have to feed her her bottle while I chauffer them from place to place.  I can't wait for the finale show.  I think I will have a drink or two while I'm watching it.

On a completely unrelated note, the baby cannot drop her pacifier on the floor because the dog immediately grabs it, runs with it, and eats the nipple.  This is my life.

There He Goes Again

14 September 2009
My husband is leaving tomorrow for his third business trip in 4 weeks. The kids are in school so we never get to tag along. This time it's a short trip, 4 days. There's good and bad to him going on these trips. I love to stretch out on the bed and take up every possible inch. I hate to be the only person for the kids. With all of their activities and whatnot it's really hard for one person to get them to everything.

I'm also just a bit jealous. He gets spending money for fancy meals and entertainment that he gets to enjoy with grownups. I get to make something that my 7 year old will eat. Usually something that ends in helper. He gets maid service and he gets to read in first/business class on an airplane. I can't remember the last time I read on an airplane and I have no maid. As a matter of fact, my husband has begun to claim that our house looks like it belongs on cops when he returns home from his business trips. This is not only untrue, but it makes me want to smack him. How about, thanks for taking care of three kids by yourself, sweetie?

The trips also further his career, this can only be filed under good. His dedication to his career is the reason we can afford (barely) for me to stay home with the baby. The barely is not his fault, I'm the one with the six figure law school debt that eats up the monthly budget. I try really hard not to think about my career, or lack of one. I'm a lawyer, our life used to revolve around my career. Now, it revolves around his. It's his turn, it's only fair. Sometimes I don't care about fair and it makes me sad. If I vocalize this I am quickly reminded that I chose to have this baby, to stay home with her. Of course I did, and I don't regret it, but my career was a huge part of my identity so sometimes I mourn. That said, I love my life and wouldn't change a thing.

Grocery Store Rant

11 September 2009
I'm tired of people who work in grocery stores blocking entire aisles and not moving when customers are trying to shop. I go in for specific things and I really need the baking powder you are standing in front of. I'm not going to go away if you just ignore me.

Yesterday, I had a clerk (presumably on a break) cut to the front of the checkout line and pay for her items. In what world is that okay? I get that you have a limited break, but my time is limited too, stand in the freaking line like everyone else. Hire more cashiers if the lines are too long. Please.

When the self-checkout first came along I loved it. Quick, easy. I soon found that it had it's limitations, so I decided that I should use it for small amounts of goods. One grocery store in my neighborhood recently had 2 lights on for the normal checkout, but no cashiers to be seen, and a bunch of self checkouts open. I looked at my half full cart dubiously and my sleepy, grumpy baby and realized the decision had been made for me, there were literally no clerks. As I checked myself out, turning products every which way to scan the bar code I also attempted to keep a hand on my nine month old who was trying desperately to escape.

As I'm watching the prices come up I realize that a good half of them are coming up more expensive than I remember them being on the shelf. I look around, not a person working there in sight. Sigh. Then the machine made an announcement, my bagging area was full I would have to bag some groceries and then scan some more. So now I'm bagging groceries with my hand on the baby and my groceries half scanned. The machine then starts yelling at me to push finish if I'm finished, which I'm not. I now have enough bagged that I can run back and scan again. I scan and scan and scan until I come across the artichokes. Now I have to find these in the produce lookup. ugh. All the while the baby is getting awfully squirmy and trying to turn backwards and stand up and someone has appeared to bag my groceries, she asks if I want a bag for the Gatorade. I say "no, it's okay," that's what I always say when people say, do you want a bag for this, as if I would be insane if I said yes.

Finally I'm about done. Just two bags of chips and a jar of salsa. There is a deal on these products. Two bags of chips for $6 and you get the salsa for free. The salsa rang up at $4, not free. I asked the cashier for help, she literally took several minutes to get from the groceries at the end of the belt to me and finally voided the salsa price at my request. I left the other inaccuracies alone because I wasn't sure about exacts and it was like 18 items. Then she said, "you got this?," and left the rest of my groceries unbagged. It appears all she did was not bag the Gatorade. Whatever. So here I am bagging groceries again, baby is starting to cry because her nap is past due, and I still have to run next door to the mailing place to fax something because my fax machine decided to break.

I hate grocery shopping. It's no fun at all. The people who are standing back weaving back and forth between two lines to see which one goes faster, the people who hit you with their cart, the cashiers who apparantly hate me, the poor little old man on the phone trying to find out if the brand of flour is important to his wife at home and it standing out in the middle completely oblivious, the lady writing the check, and my wonderful children who ask for everything they see.

Big Brother - Part 2 of the Final HOH was Live Tonight

10 September 2009
Jordan won it, so it's Jordan and Kevin competing for final HOH, the winner will chose who to take with them to final 2 after the 3rd and last live HOH comp next Tuesday, finale night! Either one of them would be stupid to take Natalie. If there is any justice in the world she's dead in the water. I kinda want to live in the jury house, it looks fun.

Blagojevich is Rocking the View

09 September 2009
I never watch the view but today I somehow am. Rod Blagojevich is on and he is rocking it. I can't help but like the guy, despite the fact that he is a democrat. His wife is on there as well, Patti Blagojevich, who I got to 'know' and like on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here." I do have to mention that he is beyond gutsy, hopefully it doesn't bite him on the ass. He is promoting his book, which does discuss corruption charges against him. It is coming out before his trial. This is the polar opposite of exercising your right to remain silent. Every bit of it can be used against him at trial. Gutsy or stupid remains to be seen.

Big Brother Coming to a Close - SPOILER

08 September 2009
Michelle is gone, that's the last of the good people. Now it's down to Kevin, Nasty, and Jordan. Since they are the final three HOH is done in three parts. The first of these is endurance. The winner of part 1 of the final HOH is.....Kevin!

Big Night Tonight on Big Brother - Spoiler

Now we are down to four. Natalie, Michele, Jordan, and Kevin are a pretty unlikely and unlikeable final four but that's where we are. So, Natalie is HOH, Kevin has the Veto, by default either Michelle or Jordan must go tonight. Michele is a much stronger player and Natalie is threatening to castrate Kevin if he doesn't vote Michele out, so I'm thinking she's probably leaving tonight. That sucks.

I guess Kevin is the best of the rejects. Jordan has not even played, she's far too dumb to be strategic, nobody respects her "game" of letting Jeff do all the work. Natalie has a lot of jury votes, but Kevin knows she's a little liar and he also knows he can't win against her. He can convince Jordan of this as well, so it's very, very likely that Natalie is the next to go. She doesn't win much and Kevin can dig in his heels. I think he'll hold out on endurance longer than either of the girls, he wants it more, he's a greedy bitch.

So, there's my prediction. Michele goes tonight. Then Natalie. That leaves Kevin and Jordan. Kevin wins because he's got more jury house support and he played more than Jordan.

Liberals Use of the Word Silly - Address to School Children

07 September 2009
I was listening to the news today, I heard the secretary of education call parents who are concerned with Obama's speech to the schoolchildren "silly." Silly is an extremely condescending term to use toward other adults. It completely undermines any idea that there is a rational argument there. We are not silly, we are well versed in history and have seen communist regimes begin this way, with the indoctrination of the young.

Obama has shown himself to be a radical and when he says he wants to speak to the children without their parents, and gives liberal teachers lesson plans to further his message, it gives me pause. I saw those original questions in the lesson plans, to be given before, during, and after the speech, and they were disturbing.

Now that I have read the speech (please see the full text here) I was relieved to find that it is a typical Obama is Awesome Day, where the President pats himself on the back in front of an audience, anyone who misses it should be able to catch a similar session when Obama takes over Primetime TV on Wednesday. There is no doubt in my mind that the speech has been altered after the public outcry just as the questions in the lesson plan were altered.

People who state that they cannot see why anyone would be upset by the Presidential speech are being willfully ignorant. Maybe they are just being "silly."

Baby on the Beach and Big Brother

06 September 2009
We took the baby to the beach. She was actually awake this time! Unfortunately, she kept eating the sand. It's okay though, she's still cute. We were pulled over on the way home for speeding and got a warning. I love warnings, better than not getting pulled over at all, really. Then you feel lucky.

The older kids did all sorts of acrobatic things on the beach, I got hit by a wave that was bigger than expected and got the bottom of my rolled up pants wet. This always happens. I'm used to it. The kids got to actually see a labor day weekend crowded boardwalk, as we usually like to visit the beach in the fall and winter so we can have it to ourselves. Derek, of course, parked like a million miles away so we could get a free spot.

I watched Big Brother tonight, the people in costume were far less entertaining than I had hoped. Natalie was telling the truth!!! I couldn't believe it! She did get to see her boyfriend, he did propose. Now I'm left feeling that it's a bit unfair. The whole idea of the Big Brother house is that you are isolated from the outside world. Very short monitored reward phone calls are one thing, twenty minutes with a loved one is completely different. It changes your mindset, the sense of isolation which is the game, has been altered. I'm starting to like Kevin more and more and I really wish Natalie was going rather than Jordan or Michele (because SPOILER Kevin won the veto). I do love that they all see through her at this point, but I'm afraid it's really too late. I miss Russell and Lydia.

Van Jones has Resigned

Good riddance Communist bastard. I just don't get it. Obama chooses to surround himself with communists, racists, and people and organizations who simply hate America...Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Acorn, yet people can't seem to link it back to him. Obama is a radical, he is dangerous, he is completely willing to take our country down. Half of the country is cheering him on. Maybe the liberals should have paid more attention in school, then they could see the transition to a communist regime in this country. This never ends well.

And the Veto Holder Is - Big Brother Spolier

Kevin!!!! Now Jordan and Michele have to be on the block. Who will go? The houseguests are doing a mock fashion show right now with their new clothes. It's cute. They are giggling and drinking and all getting along.

Jeff is Gone, Natalie is HOH and a Big Brother Spoiler

04 September 2009
Thursday night Jeff pranced his happy ass out the door, presumably heading off to get his face used as a mop by Russell in the jury house. After which, Jeff will, of course, knife Russell in the neck. Fun times. I do have to admit I did a happy dance when he left, he's a thuggish type and I don't like him much.

Okay, a ton has happened since then. On the live show Natalie won HOH. Her nominations were.....Michele and Kevin! Yes, the girl who hasn't broken her word (per her) put up her only ally in the house. Whatever, it's final four, these things happen.

Luxury Comp: There was a luxury comp. New clothes were had by all. Natalie claimed they were all too big for her because she's an extra small. I think she just didn't need them because she doesn't ever shower or change her clothes.

Pandora's Box: As many have speculated, Pandora's Box was not over with the money drop and Kevin getting his arm trapped. Natalie has accepted something from Pandora's Box which she traded for the ability to play veto. She claimed it was a chance to meet with a loved one in person. She also claims it was her boyfriend that she met up with and he proposed and said that the internet hates her. She's a big liar, so take all of that with a grain of salt. There's a lot of speculation out there that she took a large amount of money in exchange for the veto and did not want to admit to that. There was also some kind of craziness that came from her opening Pandora's Box that involved little people and maybe former houseguests, can't wait to see that!

Jordan and Natalie have made a final 2 deal, lets see if they stick to it. POV has not occured yet.

Tomorrow is a Teacher Work Day

03 September 2009
The kids have only been in school 4 days, now it's a 4 day weekend. Do teachers actually work on a teacher work day? I'm not one, so I don't know. Since they always seem to be on the other side of a three day weekend my guess is that they work until like noon, or from home and then go to their weekend. It's just a guess.

My kids get a 5 day weekend because of the School Skip Day I have planned for Tuesday. We don't do indoctrination, it's not proper in a free society. Too bad my husband doesn't have Friday and Tuesday off as well, we could vacation!

On a completely different note, Michael Jackson is getting interred today. It's about time. He died in June.

Obama, Please Get out of my Face

Obama is attempting to take over primetime again next Wednesday. I didn't even look to see why. I don't care. It's like the boy who cried wolf. He always needs to be on tv, it's never for some earth shattering reason. It's just because he can. He's an attention whore and I find it annoying. People watch primetime tv to relax, it's an escape. The news channels are for political speeches and the like.

If, god forbid, there is an event like September 11th, then by all means break into whatever shows you like. Otherwise, release a statement or give a speech which is covered by all the cable news channels. He is costing the networks money and alienating people. If it were up to Obama we would have all Obama all the time. His recent decision to stream a live feed into the schools so he can address the children, complete with a lesson plan forwarded to the schools, is indicitive of that. Why must he force himself on people?

Dead Frog in a Pepsi Can

02 September 2009

My worst fears have been realized. There was a frog (or toad, the FDA isn't sure) found in a can of Diet Pepsi. The poor man who found it, popped it open, took a drink, and then started gagging. The man and his wife poured out the can and found a gelatinous blog in the bottom which resembled pink linguine, followed by something black. The FDA has determined that the frog (or toad) was gutted. How they know that the mostly liquefied frog was gutted I have no idea.

Everyone who knows me knows that I don't drink out of soda cans, ever. I have to pour the contents into a clear glass. I won't drink it if I can't see it. I always assumed it would be a dead rat on the bottom. It's nice to see my neurotic fear was completely rational. I'm not sure I can ever drink out a soda can again, even poured into a glass. It's just too gross.

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Some Assmunch Slaps Someone Else's Kid in Wal-Mart

Unbelievable, Roger Stephens, of Georgia hauled off and slapped a two year old girl repeatedly for crying in the Wal-Mart. He looks like a real prince, right? If I were her mom I would have beat the crap out of him. Two year olds cry, sometimes they cry a lot. Sometimes moms have to continue shopping or face life without diapers, food, etc. I faced this when my husband was away with the Army, taking grumpy (and sometimes sick) kids into the store and being frazzled beyond belief, but HAVING to do it. The kid was probably having a temper tantrum, it doesn't really matter the cause of the crying because nothing, NOTHING justifies an adult slapping someone's child (or their own child, for that matter). I hope they charge him with everything they can charge him with, so far it's felony cruely to children. Look at him, he doesn't deserve to share the soil with the rest of us.

Michelle Duggar Pregnant Again - With Number 19

01 September 2009

Just as her son's wife is about to give birth old Michelle Mullethead announces she is pregnant again. She's 42, the apparantly sexually insatiable Jim Bob is 44. Kids take a ton of energy and effort. I just don't see how any human could possibly give any one of those kids the attention and care that they need to become good adults. After all, that is our number one job as parents, to take that child you have created and make them into a good adult. It's fundamently unfair to the existing children to continue having babies and taking away their parental time until they are left with nearly none. The older kids, with their little "buddies" are being forced to grow up way too soon. The younger ones, left in the hands of children are placed in an unforgivably perilous situation. Maybe her uterus will fall out when she has this next one, one can only hope.

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